(soft upbeat electronic music) – We’re at the Apple Event 2019. I’m so excited because today
they announced the iPhone 11. Now, they also announced
these two new guys. These are the iPhone 11 Pros. This is the Max version, and this is the not Max version. This is the new matte space gray color. They also have a silver and the gold and a new midnight green, which we’re gonna check
out here in a second. They had a bunch of
really cool announcements, but this is just a first
look at the new iPhone 11s.

There’s a lot to check out, so I guess let’s just get started. (upbeat electronic music) So one of the main highlights is, obviously, they have three new cameras. So we have the main camera, the ultra wide, and the telephoto. So you do a lot of really
cool camera tricks with this. There’s also a new
front-facing camera update. You can now shoot in slow-mo, and you can shoot 4K and 4K60,
which is pretty incredible. Let’s test out a slow-mo
front-facing video. They’re calling the slow-mo
front facing videos slowfies.

So let’s shoot my first slowfie. Are you ready? – [Man] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yes! That’s pretty great. One of the other things
that’s new in the camera, this is pretty awesome, so you’ll have the different
lenses that you can switch to. So with those new three lenses, you’ll be able to choose
right here just by tapping, but if you press and hold, this will give you the little dial here so you’ll be able to choose
which zoom you’d like all the way up to 6x digital. But if you’re taking pictures, and you’re like, oh, I
want to take a video, you press and hold and then slide and that automatically
will start recording.

You can also live switch the lenses. They also showed a really
cool demo of FiLMiC Pro. Some of you guys may
use FiLMiC Pro before, but they’re implementing
something really incredible. You’ll be able to use their app and film and record multiple
camera angles at the same time, which is kind of crazy because if you want to do a multi-camera shoot, you’ll just need one phone. So now I’m inside of the app, and these are all of my camera options that I can choose from. Ultra wide, telephoto
wide, and the selfie, so let’s use the selfie
and the ultra wide.

I’m gonna click confirm, and now, I’m recording at the same time. This is incredible. This is gonna like turn
vlogging into like an art form. I mean, it already is, but
this is a whole nother level. Look at this! This is so great! I can film myself and film
what’s happening around me. Another cool thing is when you’re taking a
selfie and you flip it, it’ll automatically
zoom out just like that. So you can press it, or it’ll
just automatically do it when you rotate to fit
everyone into the photo.

There’s also a new portrait mode option. Just like previous you’ve
got all these color options. They have a new one. It’s the High-Key Light Mono. One of the other big highlights is being able to edit video on the go. So let’s do a little
video here front-facing. Hello. Basically, you can treat
video like photos now, so you can add filters
and do color correction, which is something that
has been definitely needed. So that’s a first look
at the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This thing is incredible. Let’s go check out a
few of the other colors, and of course let’s check
out those iPhone 11s because that new lavender
purple color, mm, beautiful.

I’m still hoping for this color one day. Apple, I’m still waiting. (upbeat electronic music) So here’s the gold one. I kind of wanted the silver, but now that I see the gold, I mean, I’m such a sucker for rose gold that I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Here’s the midnight green. This is both of the versions. I’m really surprised with this color. I actually really, really like it. It was kind of hard to see what the color actually looked like, but now looking at it in person, it’s almost kind of a
little like a bluish green.

So I guess the midnight green is a pretty accurate naming invention. Look at it! And now here’s the silver version of the iPhone 11 Pro and
the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These look awesome. I’m honestly still up in the air. I don’t know which color to get. So behind me are all of
the new iPhone 11 phones. These are the brand-new colors. So one of the things that we thought is they were going to be
calling them the iPhone 11R. But they’re not. It is just the iPhone 11. (upbeat electronic music) They also came out with
some new Apple watches.

This is the Series
Five, and I’m so excited because I’m such a huge
fan of the Apple Watch. The Apple watch actually
did change my life. Like, it got me off the couch. It got me hiking and
being way more motivated to close those rings. Another thing that’s really cool is they’re getting more
into health research. So there’s going to be a research
app that you can opt into so that people can study the various data that you choose to share. And obviously, I know
privacy is a huge concern, so one of the things
that they did mention is it won’t be associated with
you, it’ll all be anonymous.

I mean, I should probably get the titanium and but it with my titanium Apple Card, and then I’ll get 3% back. So it’s basically like
I’m saving money, right? The main highlight,
though, of the Series Five, it has an always-on watch display, so you’ll be able to have access
to your watch at any time, and you won’t have to do
that infamous arm flip. Another new feature is the compass. My sister and I hike a lot, and we’re always wondering
what is our elevation and are we actually going
in the right direction.

And I cannot wait to take
this out and hike with it. So this is the dark titanium,
and this looks amazing. We also have one of the new Hermes bands with the stainless steel. I’m such a fan of this always-on display. As you can tell, it just
slightly gets darker, but it doesn’t change. You still see all of the complications that you normally would see when it’s on. And here’s the gold one! Ah, this was one of my favorites as well. I definitely will miss the
gold because I really liked it, but I think that ceramic
is calling my name.

Here it is! (gasps) We just got a ceramic incoming! This looks so great. Can you imagine how
good this is gonna look with the silver iPhone? So you can see they now made this inner circle black with a red ring. This is so beautiful, oh my gosh. (playful music) So right now I’m testing out Apple Arcade. This is the first time that I’m seeing it, and this is so fun. And one of the cool things is you’re able to connect controllers. So it actually feels like
I’m playing on a console, but I’m playing on an iPad.

So this is the new iPad. This is the seventh generation. It’s the new 10.7 inch screen. What’s cool about this is
you can use the new iPad OS. So you’ll be able to use Apple Pencil. You can use the Smart Connect Keyboard. And you can also, which I’m a huge fan of, is you can plug in the SD card reader, so you can import files and photos. And obviously, you can
connect a controller. And I’m gonna play Frogger right now. This is in the new Apple Arcade. So it’s gonna be $4.99 a month, and you have access to all of these games.

They’ll be updating them monthly. And there’s just something
about using a controller and playing on an iPad, I
don’t even, I’m speechless. Well guys, that was the first look here from the Apple Event. I had so much fun checking
out all of the new phones and the Apple Watches. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait. It is officially iPhone season. It is here. Make sure you guys like this video, and make sure you subscribe
so you’ll be alerted when I post new videos. Because there will be plenty more Apple content coming up soon.

So that’s it. I’ll see you soon. Bye!