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Source: The Sun

Learn how Emma Drew, 28, from Cambridgeshire quit her job, and now makes around £1500-£2000 a month from home...

Emma has quit her job as a website administrator, and turned to money-making schemes and her blog from Aldi to Harrods after she struggled to make ends.

And now her husband Tony has joined Emma in quitting his job and started making money in online schemes too, the pair recently splashed £20,000 out on their dream wedding.

Previously, Emma was taking home £1200 a month working as a website administrator but after giving that up in January 2018, she makes almost double that.

In addition to her new pay rise, Emma’s new role allows her to spend more quality time with husband Tony.

“Leaving work has meant we can manage our time better,” Emma told FEMAIL.

“Tony used to work night shifts and by the time I got home we’d have an hour together before he had to leave.“

“I like that I’m making myself money instead of a boss.“

“It makes me want to work harder because I’m directly gaining.“

“We’re already earning more than we did when we were both working but I have my eye on that prize. It’s just my personality. I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial.”

“After I graduated I got caught up in the recession and I could not get a job for a year. I turned to making money online so I could exist – just to make ends meet.“

“I didn’t want to do anything that I had to put money into upfront.“

“I was researching things I’d read about to check they were not a scam and then I’d try things out for myself.“

One of Emma’s favourite money making activities is matched betting, which involves taking advantage of offers from betting companies through a free first bet, and she earns on average between £50 and £80.

“It’s a guaranteed risk free way of turning a free offer into money.“

“It’s a great way to really boost your income,” she said.

“Let’s say Red Rum is running a race got to the bookies and bet that he’s going to win and that he’s not going to win. So either way you get money.”

Despite now being her own boss and having even more free time, Emma has found herself even busier.

“As well as having more time we can have nicer things.“

“We’re not about living a luxury lifestyle but our earnings mean that when we want something we can get it without thinking twice.“

“I’ve just bought a brand new car and we’ve just booked another holiday.“

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